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What is this tiny little camera at the end of the cable that you can stick into tiny spaces




 8"(Inch) Touch Screen HD (High Definition) Industrial Endoscope

  • Multi-Application 8” HD Touch Screen Videoscope with Dual-Cam Inputs
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI Interfaces
  • Universal ball mount and kick stand at the back of controller can set the controller at the best viewing angle and flexible operation.

An endoscope camera can actually be very useful for car guys to working around the cars.

Car engines are not the most successful thing in the world if you have worked in your car before.

Just remind how many times have you been in a situation where you just needed to see something we're going to do you know where to see but you just couldn't fit your head in between the firewall and your exhaust manifold. But with an endoscope camera, You can see

1st, most of the people want to do with it is the thing we most excited about and that's actually to use this to check inside of the engine and take a look into cylinders and take a look at pistons, the endoscope has adjustable LEDs on its head, so we can light up the dark innards of the engine.

we see the pistons after we remove the spark plug,  and we also can check the cylinder wall to make sure looks bice no scoring those scratches and carbon deposits in the engine. to keep best performance. 

2nd,  Ever wanted to check your exhaust manifold Cracks. 

3rd, if people dropped something

When your intake manifold in your engine block and can reach it, well the endoscope camera actually has a nice little magnet attachment so people can dive in the exhaust manifold area.

4th, bad slipped timing belt 


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