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Professional High Definition Pipe Inspection System HG2000

HD GO, all-in-one video inspection system is the perfect integration of monitor, controller unit, cable reel and camera module. With the latest design of detachable HD lens, the HD GO provides not only quality image, but also flexibility to replace the camera or cable only which widely reduces its maintenance cost. Without hassle to connect this and that, HD GO is the ideal inspection system that satisfies various application in drainage pipe, ventilation conduits or plumbing inspection.
• 28mm self-leveling HD camera with 1280x720P resolution
• Optional 25mm HD camera with 1280x720P resolution
• detachable camera reel and battery design, friendly maintenance.
• 7-inch TFT LCD Monitor with 1024x600 resolution
• meter counter, quick orientation of camera location.
• text annotation function to add in message digitally.
• Auto power-off function wastes not a single mini-Ampere
• 12*LED in 10 level adjustable lighting